System Requirements

1. Browser Choice

  • Change Browsers.  Browsers that are most compatible: Internet Explorer 8 0r 9, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Chrome.
  • Click to download the recommended browsers of FireFox , Internet Explorer,  Chrome.  Please check here to see which browser is “certified” with your operating system.

2.  Java Installation

  • Check to see if you have Java installed here.
  • If you have trouble updating or removing older versions of Java, visit Java’s support site.

3.  Javascript

4.  Cookies from third parties.

5.  Pop-ups

  • If you have trouble viewing discussion postings, quiz windows, and download links, you may need to disable pop-up blocking.
  • Check for FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

6.  Third Party Plug-ins

  • You may require third party plug-ins to view certain content.
  • Check to see if you have the updated versions of Flash, Acrobat Reader, and Quick Time.

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